Tanduay Rum
Project: Animated web ad
The goal was to create copy to evoke the feeling known as “fear of missing out.” Especia Spiced Rum is a brand new spiced rum on the market, and what sets it apart from the rest is the consumer- the people that drink the rum, make the rum. The copy should allow for consumers to want to know more and want to experience this rum for themselves.
I chose to use simple animations to draw some attention and make the advertisement more engaging and interesting.
Program Used: Adobe After Effects
Application: Web Ad
Tongue-in-cheek copy that alludes to the fact that, despite being the best selling rum in the world since 2017, most Americans are not familiar with Tanduay Rum. The goal was to appear humorous but evoke curiosity in consumers. These ads were designed for Instagram. 
Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Application: Instagram Feed ads
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