CUNYFirst app design
+ additional brand collateral​​​​​​​
Design a mobile app for CUNYFirst that holds CUNYFirst's most important features, and new features, to make CUNYFirst more accessible for students. 
CUNYFirst does not have a mobile-friendly or mobile-app version of CUNYFirst. CUNYFirst is the most important website that CUNY students have to use. It allows them to register for classes, view grades, and pay for their tuition. We want to give students an easier way to access CUNYFirst is to give them a better future.
User Needs:
Need to view class schedule
Need to register for classes
Need to pay for tuition
Need to contact staff
Need to view campus events
User Jessica
She was just accepted into City College’s very competitive nursing program. She works full time, and she does not have access to a computer at work, and will be completely reliant on her phone to register for classes for the upcoming semester. Classes fill quickly in this program, so if she is late to registration she will miss her chance to take certain classes. Using CUNYFirst on her mobile device is difficult; all of the text and all links are small and hard to read, and it is nearly impossible to type anything into the search bar. She is in need of a better way to register for classes, because if she cannot register for major classes, she risks not graduating on time. 
User Kevin
He uses email to communicate with professors, but finds emails difficult to manage and keep track of. His inbox is usually flooded with spam, so when professors respond back to him, he misses them. He also misses out on emails sent to him from his college that contains information about fun campus events. He is in need of a better way to communicate with his professors, and a more organized to view events happening on campus.
Additional collateral
Website redesign and advertisements for CUNYFirst's branding purposes.
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